Which tokens can I swap on DefiPlaza

You can swap the 15 most popular ERC20 tokens, plus our own DefiPlaza Governance token, on DefiPlaza:

These 16 tokens can be swapped in 120 trading pairs for a 0.1% fee.

Why only 16 tokens?

DefiPlaza’s efficiency requires the number of listed tokens to be hard-coded in the smart contract. For the main DEX, the number 16 was chosen.

It is however possible to change which 16 tokens are listed. This is part of the governance.

DefiPlaza plans to spin up additional DEXes (e.g: mid-cap DEX, moonshot DEX, stablecoin DEX, etc).
This will increase the total amount of tokens that can be traded.

It would also be possible to hard-code the new Plaza’s to take more tokens, but it has to be a number that is a power of 2, for example 32 (= 2^5).