Learn how to use DefiPlaza

Providing Liquidity

I want to add more than $10k in liquidity

Timan Rebel - October 13, 2021

Some general advice when adding liquidity: You get a better deal if you add to tokens which are under-represented (at the bottom of the list) at our Analytics page.If you want to add more than US$...

Add liquidity to DefiPlaza

Timan Rebel - October 13, 2021

You can add any of the 16 tokens to DefiPlaza as liquidity. It does not have to be DFP2, so you don’t need to swap your tokens for DFP2 first to provide liquidity. By adding liquidity to the...

Why do I need to approve my tokens?

Timan Rebel - October 31, 2021

The Approve step is a security step built into Ethereum and protects the tokens in your wallet from being accessed by smart contracts. By Approving the token on DefiPlaza you give the DefiPlaza...