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Swapping fee

What is DefiPlaza?

DefiPlaza is a decentralized exchange on Ethereum, optimized to offer the lowest possible trade cost to the end user. 

Gas cost per trade are the lowest of Ethereum  and the transaction fee is very competitive with 0.1% of value traded.

Learn the basics of DefiPlaza

Learn how to swap tokens on DefiPlaza

Learn how to add liquidity in one of the 16 tokens and receive XDP2 in return

Learn how to stake your XDP2 to receive DFP2 awards

Etherscan integrates DFP2 price

Starting today, Etherscan correctly shows the DFP2 price on their platform, taking DFP2 correctly into account when calculating the DefiPlaza token holdings as well.

First DFP2 burned

We recently launched an arb bot that helps to keep the DefiPlaza pool of 16 tokens in balance. The profit from the arb bot is given back to the community in the form of DFP2 burning. This weekend the first

AMA RECAP: DeFi Raccoons x DefiPlaza

This update first appeared on the official Defi Raccoons Medium channel and has been republished unaltered. Date: 18th of November Host: Angle Guest: DefiPlaza ( Jazzer — Main Dev ) Hello Raccoon Nation and DeFi Enthusiasts! We recently hosted an AMA with DefiPlaza. So here