Adding Liquidity to RadixPlaza is now live for everyone!

Timan Rebel - November 24, 2023

Coming from Ethereum we strongly believe that safety comes first. So after a few weeks of testing our new algorithm with private liquidity, two audits, and a ton of feedback, we are ready to accept liquidity from anyone on Radix.

Why add liquidity to DefiPlaza?

DefiPlaza is specifically designed to reduce the risk of Impermanent Loss and help make DeFi sustainably profitable without the need for artifical liquidity incentive programs. 

Is that needed? Unfortunately yes. A study published by Bancor shows that the 17 largest Uniswap V3 pools lost a collective 60.8M USD in just the first half year. After fees.

Why would anyone add concentrated liquidity under those conditions?

So we developed CALM, a novel DEX algorithm that treats trades that increase IL different from trades that reduce IL. 

Read more about CALM in our recent X Thread:

Download our white paper at:

Or add liquidity to DefiPlaza by visiting:

PS. Please do your own research and understand the risks of Impermanent Loss before adding liquidity to any DEX.