Migrate your old Radix Olympia-style DFP2 to the new Babylon DFP2!

Timan Rebel - October 5, 2023

TLDR; Ethereum users can skip this message, your DFP2 is already as good as it gets 👍

To use the latest and greatest Babylon features we are upgrading the DFP2 token.

Go to https://radix.defiplaza.net/migrate and make the simple 1:1 swap to supercharge your DFP2.

There is no end date to this migration, but the DEX will soon only support the new DFP2. The new DFP2 is recognisable by the DefiPlaza (Babylon) name and the slightly updated icon.

A big thanks to Ociswap for making this an incredibly easy transition 🙏