Staking on DefiPlaza

To receive DFP2 token rewards, you can add liquidity in any of the listed tokens to the exchange, and as a second step stake the received XDP2 token.

You can stake in two steps:

  1. Allow DefiPlaza to use XDP2 in your wallet
  2. Add the entered amount of XDP2 to the staking contract

You can claim the rewards, or withdraw your staked tokens at any time.

The XDP2 token collects fees over time. If you want, you can stake the token and earn the governance token DFP2 which gives you voting rights for governance decisions. This means you’ll have a say in what tokens should be listed/delisted and what fees should be used on the exchange.

The liquidity rewards program starts on October 6 2021 and will end on October 5 2022, gradually giving out fewer rewards.

DFP2 is hard-capped at 67.7 MM tokens.