Getting Started

How do I use DefiPlaza on mobile?

DefiPlaza does not have a mobile app (yet), but you can still swap, stake or add/remove liquidity on your mobile phone or tablet.

There are two ways to use DefiPlaza on your iPhone or Android:


The WalletConnect integration is by far the simplest. On you click on Connect Wallet and then select WalletConnect. Pick your wallet to connect your wallet’s app with DefiPlaza. Done!

MetaMask Mobile

To use MetaMask Mobile with DefiPlaza you need to install a mobile version of Metamask. You can sync your MetaMask extension wallet with mobile by using the MetaMask Mobile Sync feature. You can read how to do that in Metamask’s FAQ.

Within Metamask you then go to the browser and navigate to DefiPlaza.

How to use Metamask’s mobile browser on iOS