Getting Started

What is StablePlaza?

StablePlaza is the stablecoins pool of DefiPlaza.

DefiPlaza has two multi-token pools. One is focused on blue-chip tokens (the DefiPlaza pool), the other on stablecoins (the StablePlaza pool). And for each trade, we automatically select the pool that would result in the lowest trade fee for the end-user.

DefiPlaza is special thanks to its single-contract, multi-token, highly optimized DEX, designed to offer the lowest possible trade cost to the end-user. Gas costs per trade are the lowest in the industry, and thanks to the multi-token set up very capital efficient, while Impermanent Loss is minimized.

The StablePlaza pool takes the same highly optimized approach as the DefiPlaza pool to provide cheaper trades, with an even lower transaction fee of 0.03% of the value traded. 

While the DefiPlaza pool is up to 65% cheaper than Uniswap, the StablePlaza pool is up to 25% cheaper than Curve, which isn’t as expensive as some of the pair-based DEXs to start with.