Maker (MKR)

MKR price


Maker (MKR) was developed in 2015 to provide investors and borrowers a way to participate in the Maker ecosystem

What is Maker?

MakerDAO is a DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization), Maker (MKR) is a token that gives voting rights and fluctuates in value, and Dai is the stable coin created using Maker’s lending and borrowing system

How to use / participate?

The MakerDAO community manages the Maker protocol. The protocol consists of a set of smart contracts that allow the users to generate DAI by using collateral assets. This protocol is managed by the users who hold the MKR platform governance token. The community also monitors the different risk parameters of DAI to ensure its stability and transparency.

Users can generate DAI by depositing collateral in Maker Vaults. The generated DAI can be used in other crypto transactions.

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