Launched WalletConnect support

UI Guy - April 19, 2022

Today, DefiPlaza released the much-requested support for WalletConnect!

When DefiPlaza launched, its User Interface (UI – i.e. the actual website for the app) was built directly on top of the MetaMask wallet. Though this allowed us to develop and launch the platform pretty quickly, it also meant that MetaMask was the only wallet option for our users.

Fortunately, MetaMask is very popular and most of our users were fine with this. But of course, there are many more wallets out there, including potential safer options. So, it made sense that many of you requested support for different wallets. WalletConnect especially was high on the list of requests we received.

Trials & Tribulations

Ok, it was not as bad as the title suggests. However, adding WalletConnect support did take considerably longer than anticipated. That was due to many reasons, including:

  • We’ve had to rewrite & rewire core portions of the UI to allow for multiple wallet options. That took quite a while, to say the least! 
  • WalletConnect is considerably less stable than MetaMask, which got us running headlong into problems we had to debug and then work around
  • Because WalletConnect V2 is being pushed by the team, we looked into incorporating that version initially. However, wallet support is severely lacking, so we dropped that to get V1 in for now
  • Having multiple wallets also means we had to support a way to switch between wallets in the UI.

Long story short: Today we finally reached the point where we would like to share the result of our work with all of you, so you can finally start using WalletConnect in DefiPlaza!


When selecting a wallet, you will notice WalletConnect is flagged as “beta”. This is on purpose, as we would be surprised if no one would run into some exotic edge cases that we did not account for. We are also very curious to see WalletConnect be used in the wild, so we can get a better idea of its stability. 


If you run into any issues with this new release, let us know on Discord or Telegram!