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DFP2 Governance token

What is the difference between XDP2, XSP, and DFP2?

Timan Rebel - October 11, 2021

DefiPlaza currently has three different tokens: XDP2, the liquidity token of the DefiPlaza poolXSP, the liquidity token of the StablePlaza poolDFP2, the governance token of the DefiPlaza...

How to add DFP2 to MetaMask

Timan Rebel - October 31, 2021

DFP2 is not available by default in the token list of MetaMask. You can easily add it, however. First, open up MetaMask and click Import Tokens. Then look up the DFP2 token contract on...

DFP2 Tokenomics

Timan Rebel - November 1, 2021

Total supply 67.9M DFP2 Staking rewards 50M DFP2 is released via a Quadratic Curve that started October 6, 2021, and ends on October 6, 2022. 1:1 hard fork from DefiPlaza...