What are the fees to swap on DefiPlaza?

To swap tokens on DefiPlaza the user has to pay a fee. This fee is one part the network fee to execute transactions on the Ethereum network and is paid to the miners, and the other part is a transaction fee that DefiPlaza charges for the use of one of the pools.

Thanks to our greatly optimized smart contracts, we are able to significantly lower the network fee a user has to pay when executing a transaction.

Next to the network fee, a transaction fee is charged.

DefiPlaza has two multi-token pools. The DefiPlaza pool is focused on blue-chip tokens, and the StablePlaza pool is on stable tokens.

Both pools have their own competitive transaction fee:

  • The DefiPlaza pool transaction fee is 0.1%.
  • The StablePlaza pool transaction fee is 0.03%.

For each trade, we automatically select the pool that would result in the lowest trade fee for the end-user.