Swapping tokens on Radix

The preferred way of swapping tokens on our Radix cDEX is by connecting to our Radix App with Z3us or (s0on) Xidar.

Both Z3us and Xidar are wallets created by the community. We know some people prefer to use the official Radix desktop wallet, and although it doesn’t support connecting to apps yet, you can use the official wallet to swap tokens on DefiPlaza manually.

To manually swap tokens, send the tokens you want to sell to:


Official DefiPlaza cDEX wallet address

and include a message stating the symbol of the tokens you’d like to receive in return. Optionally, you can add the minimum amount of received tokens, so that if the price changes before your transaction is executed, you get the tokens you have sent refunded.

For example, if you’d like to sell 100 XRD to buy DFP2, send 100 XRD to rdx1qspgx0rxhth4ksuu6r7nednluzuw6j8cvc7shvfp59yt4ymemfjw8cswplaza and include the message DFP2, to receive at DFP2 in return. You can also add a message containing 104 DFP2, to receive at least 104 DFP2 in return.