DefiPlaza Launches cDEX on Radix

UI Guy - January 4, 2023

During the last few months of 2022, we have worked diligently to lay the foundation for DefiPlaza to branch out to the Radix chain. We are very enthusiastic about the potential of the Radix public network and grateful to be a part of this journey!

Humble Beginnings

We took our first step at the tail end of October 2022, when we introduced our DFP2 token on Radix and deployed the first-ever community-owned Ethereum-to-Radix bridge. This enabled everyone to move their DFP2 tokens to Radix.

However, if we allow you to move our governance tokens to another chain, we also want to ensure you can still partake in that governance. This meant that soon after, we rolled out another first on Radix: governance voting using Radix native tokens!

This formed a solid foundation for us to take the next step. And today, as 2023 just kicked off, we are announcing our next venture on Radix! Hint: it’s a big one!

A Centralized DEX

We have big plans for when Radix’s Babylon upgrade becomes available! However, we are not twiddling our thumbs in the meantime. Today we have launched a centralized version of our DEX!

Many benefits come with this move! It allows us to:

  • solidify our brand on Radix,
  • gather data to refine our final DEX contract,
  • collect feedback on the user interface, and
  • gain valuable experience with the parameters for liquidity concentration

This centralized version of our exchange has been funded by the core team, which negates the need to take custody of user funds. This also means that you will not be able to add your own liquidity at this time.

We kindly invite you to test our new exchange! If you are curious about what is happening under the hood, be sure to read up on our plans for Babylon!