DefiPlaza Launches Radix-Ethereum Bridge

UI Guy - January 5, 2023

With the deployment of the DFP2 token to Radix, we launched the first-ever community-owned Ethereum → Radix bridge, allowing you to move your tokens from the Ethereum chain to the Radix chain. Until now, this bridge has been uni-directional, only allowing DFP2 tokens to flow from Ethereum to Radix.

Today, with the release of our cDEX on Radix, the time has come to also facilitate migrating DFP2 from Radix to Ethereum! We are happy to announce that the Radix → Ethereum bridge is live as of today!

Now that our bridge is bi-directional, you can easily move your DFP2 between both chains! Do note that the manual check we put in place when bridging from Ethereum to Radix is also present when bridging in the opposite direction! In other words: Please allow for up to 24 hours after creating your transaction, before receiving the requested DFP2 amount on the other side.

Note that the entire supply of DFP2 was released on Ethereum over the last year. There is no more inflation. When a token is bridged to Radix, it is locked on Ethereum so that the total supply remains constant. Similarly, when a token is bridged in the other direction, the token is locked on Radix and unlocked on Ethereum. This means that the circulating supply is not changed when you bridge tokens.

Happy bridging!