DefiPlaza listed as exchange on CoinGecko

Timan Rebel - June 27, 2022

8 months after Coingecko was the first to list DFP2, CoinGecko now added us as an official listed Exchange!

With help from CoinGecko, we created a set of custom API endpoints, to make it possible for CoinGecko to fetch data from all of our 16 tokens and 120 pairs in near real-time.

We can now compare ourselves with other exchanges based on Daily Volume and other stats (we’re at the moment of writing the #125th largest Exchange in the world, so we have some room for growth) and dive into stats per pair or token.

More importantly, the listing makes it possible to use the transactions on DefiPlaza to determine CoinGecko’s price of the 16 tokens in our pool, including our very own DFP2.

This means that the price of DFP2 on Coingecko is now updated by transactions made on DefiPlaza and is no longer only based on just our Uniswap pair.

When we launch StablePlaza the data from StablePlaza will automatically be added to CoinGecko since we’ll simply add the pairs to the existing integration and calculate the Daily Volume over both pools.

Visit DefiPlaza on CoinGecko.