Happy Birthday DefiPlaza!

Timan Rebel - October 3, 2023

Two years ago today, we launched our first DEX on Ethereum: A highly gas-efficient 16-token pool. 

Combined with StablePlaza, a DEX optimized to trade stablecoins, we processed over 80M USD in trade volume and generated over 100,000 USD in fees for our LP providers.

During the peak of the bull market in December 2021, we traded over 1.8 million USD daily.

And now it is time for our next chapter: DefiPlaza on Radix. A third DEX specifically designed to reduce the risk of Impermanent Loss and help make DeFi sustainably profitable.

Live in beta now on https://radix.defiplaza.net

Thank you all for all your support, trades, liquidity, and being an incredible community. Through bull and bear. We owe you our gratitude 🙏

On to the next two! 🥂