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Getting Started


Timan Rebel - October 10, 2021

Although the code has been audited, the use of DefiPlaza is at your own risk. DeFiPlaza, nor its team members, assume any responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents of the...

What is DefiPlaza?

Timan Rebel - October 10, 2021

DefiPlaza is a decentralized exchange on Ethereum. Like other exchanges, it offers trades between tokens by functioning as an Automated Market Maker (AMM).  What makes DefiPlaza special is...

How do I use DefiPlaza on mobile?

Timan Rebel - October 13, 2021

DefiPlaza does not have a mobile app (yet), but you can still swap, stake or add/remove liquidity on your mobile phone or tablet. There are two ways to use DefiPlaza on your iPhone or...

What is StablePlaza?

Timan Rebel - July 13, 2022

StablePlaza is the stablecoins pool of DefiPlaza. DefiPlaza has two multi-token pools. One is focused on blue-chip tokens (the DefiPlaza pool), the other on stablecoins (the StablePlaza pool). And...

What is the difference between DefiPlaza and StablePlaza

Timan Rebel - July 13, 2022

DefiPlaza has two multi-token pools. The DefiPlaza pool is focused on blue-chip tokens, and the StablePlaza pool is on stable tokens. For each trade, we automatically select the pool that would...