Learn how to use DefiPlaza


Which tokens can I swap on DefiPlaza

Timan Rebel - October 13, 2021

You can swap the 16 most popular ERC20 tokens, including 4 stablecoins, plus our own DefiPlaza Governance token, on DefiPlaza: BUSDChainlinkCompoundConvexCurve DAO TokenDAI StablecoinDefiPlaza...

Why do I need to approve my tokens?

Timan Rebel - October 31, 2021

The Approve step is a security step built into Ethereum and protects the tokens in your wallet from being accessed by smart contracts. By Approving the token on DefiPlaza you give the DefiPlaza...

What are the fees to swap on DefiPlaza?

Timan Rebel - July 13, 2022

To swap tokens on DefiPlaza the user has to pay a fee. This fee is one part the network fee to execute transactions on the Ethereum network and is paid to the miners, and the other part is a...

What is anchored liquidity

Timan Rebel - July 13, 2022

Anchored liquidity is a feature of the StablePlaza pool. Anchored liquidity is a special case of concentrated liquidity as introduced by Uniswap V3. The idea of concentrated liquidity is that...